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#IamVincent: Baptism and Charity

by | Feb 11, 2016 | Formation, Reflections


The relationship of Baptism and Lent is something every Vincentian ought to contemplate. For most of us, Lent has been a time of repentance. The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults calls it “The period of purification and enlightenment.” This time…

customarily coincides with Lent. In the liturgy and liturgical catechesis of Lent the reminder of baptism already received or the preparation for its reception, as well as the theme of repentance, renew the entire community along with those being prepared to celebrate the paschal mystery, in which each of the elect will share through the sacraments of initiation. For both the elect and the local community, therefore, the Lenten season is a time for spiritual recollection in preparation for the celebration of the paschal mystery (#138).

Is the Vincentian Family entering a time of renewal, contemplating the commitments it has made? What does our tradition have to say to us about our continual process of conversion?

In DePaul University’s What Did Vincent Say? we find

This Mission, which is now like a beneficial pool, where so many come to bathe, will be nothing but a cistern contaminated by the laxity and idleness of the men who live in it. Let’s pray to God that this misfortune may not occur, my dear confreres; let’s ask the Blessed Virgin to divert it through her intercession and her desire for the conversion of sinners; let’s ask the great Saint Lazarus to be pleased to be always the protector of this house and to obtain for it the grace of persevering in the good already begun.(CCD, vol. 11, p. 14)

Vincent today questions us: is our commitment to the mission, begun in baptism, a

“…cistern contaminated by the laxity and idleness of the men who live in it.”

or is it

“like a beneficial pool, where so many come to bathe.”?

Are we experiencing what José María Román, C.M. called the “liberating power of charity”? Take your time this Lent and reflect on this substantial article. #IamVincent. So are you.


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