January 25: Foundation of the Congregation of the Mission

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Vincent-cm-sealOn January 25 we celebrate the Foundation of the Congregation of the Mission.

In celebration of the anniversary of the founding of the Congregation of the Mission, we present a new SlideShare presentation based on an essay by Fr. Robert Maloney, C.M. on Saint Vincent de Paul’s vision for his Congregation of the Mission. Learn more about St. Vincent’s model of priesthood and what it means to be a Vincentian Priest-Missioner, then and now.

[Jan. 25, 1617 is celebrated as the foundation of the Congregation of the Mission when Vincent preached the famous sermon at Folleville. It was not formally set up until  January 25, 1625.]

International Website of the Congregation of the Mission

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Brief history of the Congregation from its Constitutions and Statutes

St. Vincent de Paul was born in the village of Pouy in 1581. As a boy he lived among the poor and experienced the conditions under which they lived. In 1600 he became a priest. For a time he sought to escape from the poverty of his origins, but with the help of spiritual directors he felt himself called to deeper holiness and, through the events of his life, was finally led by divine providence to a firm determination to dedicate himself to the salvation of the poor. While he was exercising his ministry in Gannes and, on the 25th of January 1617, in Folleville, he saw that the evangelization of the poor was an urgent need. He himself held that this was the origin of his vocation, and of the Congregation of the Mission.

When, in August of the same year in Chatillon-les-Dombes, he founded “La Charite” The Confraternities of Charity to assist the sick who lacked all help, he discovered for himself, and showed others, the close link that exists between evangelization and the service of the poor.

Gradually his religious development led to contemplating and serving Christ in the person of the poor. The vision of Christ, sent by the Father to evangelize the poor, was central to his life and ministry. Hearing the call of people in the world of his own day, learning to listen with an ever more intense love of God and of poor people who were burdened with hardships of all kinds, Vincent felt himself called to alleviate sufferings of every sort.

Among all his commitments he always had a special care for the Mission, and he gathered the first members to join with him in evangelization of the country people; this was set out in a contract dated the 17th of April 1625. They bound themselves to form a Congregation in which, living as a community, they would devote themselves to the salvation of the country poor; this was by an Act of Association which they signed on the 4th of September 1626.

While Vincent and his confreres were giving themselves to the evangelization of the poor, they clearly saw that the effectiveness of their mission to the people could not be sustained unless they also provided for the formation of the clergy. They began this work in 1628 in Beauvais when, at the request of the bishop, they held retreats for those being advanced to orders. In this way they were providing good pastors for the Church.

From the Introduction to the Constitutions and Statutes of the Congregation of the Mission.


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