Future of Charity at one year!

by | Dec 1, 2015 | News, Sisters of Charity

future charity bloggersThe 23 bloggers at the Future of Charity celebrate their first birthday.

Happy Birthday to us!

On this day last year, we launched the Future of Charity blog. It was the first day of the Year of Consecrated Life and the first step on a journey. As the younger, newer members of the Charity Federation congregations, we felt called to share our lives and our reflections with each other and with you. We didn’t know how our blog would unfold, but we followed the Spirit’s promptings to try it out…

One year later, we are filled with gratitude. It has been a wonderful year! Looking back through the many posts, we are inspired, challenged, and energized. We are thankful to our blog contributors, to our congregations, and of course, to YOU for your support. Please take a moment to offer us a birthday wish in the comments below! What have you appreciated during our first year?

We look forward to the year ahead, but first, let’s take a look back. Here is the Future of Charity blog’s first 365 days by the numbers…

23: Bloggers
107: Future of Charity blog posts during our first year
118: Email subscribers (sign up on the blog homepage to become one!)
270: Likes on our Future of Charity Blog Facebook page
29,745: Pageviews. Yes, almost 30,000!!!!
and, it’s all a part of the
1: Sisters of Charity Federation

Thanks for a great year! And many moooore…


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