Remembrance of Jesus

by | Nov 24, 2015 | Formation, Reflections

ross-reyes-dizon-sunday-readings-facebook First Sunday of Advent (C), November 29, 2015 – Jer 33, 14-16; 1 Thes 3, 12 – 4, 2; Lk 21, 25-28. 34-36

Holy before our God and Father (1 Thes 3, 13)

Our Savior is nearer to us than when we were baptized. He expects to find us watching with unbreakable faith.

With each day that passes, the closer we are to death and the definitive encounter with Jesus. But with each day that passes, too, the further we are from the historical Jesus, which could result in forgetfulness.

Forgetfulness is detrimental. It is synonymous with obstinacy, decadence, lack of trust, rebellion, inordinate cravings, envy, idolatry, lack of understanding, waywardness, ingratitude (Ps 78, 11; 106, 13-13. 21).

In contrast, remembrance of the Lord and his wondrous deeds is associated with obedience, trust, gratefulness (Dt 5, 15; 7, 18; 15, 15; 32, 7; Ps 119, 153. 176). Likewise, remembrance leads to trust in Providence, to vigilance, repentance, understanding, faith, fortitude (Mt 16, 9; 24, 25; Mc 14, 72; Lk 24, 6. 8; Jn 2, 22; 15, 20; 16, 4).

Rightly is it indicated to us, then, that to remind is part of our calling (2 Pt 1, 12-15), which has as its source and summit the remembrance of Christ’s death until he returns. We are equipped for this vocation by the Spirit, the agent of remembrance, lest we forget who we are no sooner than we have seen ourselves in a mirror and end up being hearers of the word only, not doers, neglecting the poor, loving only in word (Jas 1, 23; 1 Jn 3, 18; Gal 2, 10).

Remembering Jesus, his word and his example, his total surrender and his resurrection, is decisive. It is what breathes life into us in difficult times and gives us strength to stand up with raised heads in the midst of tribulations. It is what prevents us from abusing those entrusted to our care, from becoming drowsy from vices and anxieties of daily life.

It is the remembrance of Jesus’ past that rekindles in us faith, hope and love, so that blameless and peaceful, and availing of and living the present, in spite of the adversities of life, we may be ready for the future. In other words, we prepare for our Savior’s glorious coming by remembering “that we live in Jesus Christ by the death of Jesus Christ and that we ought to die in Jesus Christ by the life of Jesus Christ …” (SV.FR I:295).

Lord Jesus, grant that our remembrance of you lead to our being named after “The Lord our justice.”