After effects of Vincentian Family meeting in Egypt

by | Apr 18, 2015 | News

IMG_20150417_180555Andrew Wagdy, the national president of the VMY in Egypt, commented on the recent meeting of the coordinating committee for the Vincentian Family in Egypt.

He wrote:
The meeting included Fr. John Sfer (cm), sr Mervat (aic) , sr. Amira (DC), Mr Youssef (ssvp), sr.Kawkab (jean antide) , sr. Amal (miraculous medal) and myself (vmy)

We discussed fr. Greg’s last letter and of course your (Fr. Joe Agostino’s) email concerning documenting our activities together and we agreed on some good things. One of them is starting the collaboration year officially on June 7th in Cairo through a mass that will gather all the famvin branches leaders and members in Egypt and the Archbishop of the Latin Catholic church will be with us. We’ve arranged almost all the details including the coverage and documentation process.

Following the mass, there will be a period of more than hour in which every branch will introduce the services it provides in the local and national level.

We’ve also started a youth project of a monthly circular for the vincentian family in which young people from different associations participate with spiritual reflections and answering FAQs that surround the Egyptian Christian young minds.

Pray for us as we struggle to build this first encounter which by the will of our Lord will have a great impact on how we serve and how we live our christian faith in the vincentian family.