Sister of Charity sociologist on Apostolic Visitation Report

by | Dec 17, 2014 | Sisters of Charity, Vincentian Family

patriciawittberg-150Sister of Charity sociologist on Apostolic Visitation Report –  Patricia Wittberg, S.C. (Cincinnati) , is professor of sociology at Indiana University who points out that the report challenges preconceptions about three groups but does not address the most serious challenge to religious life.

“In our currently polarized ideological climate, some looked forward to a document that would expose the sisters’ waywardness and demand specific reforms. Others viewed such an outcome with deep dread. Still others were so alienated from any initiative emanating from the hierarchy that they had already resolved to ignore it completely. The Report itself challenges the preconceptions of all three groups.”

At the same time she adds that  “The most serious challenge to the future of religious life for women in the United States, however, was not addressed in this Report. This is the increasing alienation of American Catholic women in general from the church.”

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