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socialmediaFaith discussed online – go beyond anecdotes to the research! “Almost half of US adults (46 percent) say they saw someone sharing “something about their faith” on the Internet in the past week” according to Pew Research Center  report summarized in Crux.

The survey on “Religion and Electronic Media” released by Pew found that 40 percent also reported sharing their faith in a real-world setting.

“It’s the people who attend church most often who are most likely to engage in online religious activity,” said Smith.

And one in five (20 percent) say they were part of the Internet spiritual action on social networking sites and apps — sharing their beliefs on Facebook, asking for prayer on Twitter, mentioning in a post that they went to church.

“The sheer number of people who have seen faith discussed online is pretty striking,” said Greg Smith, associate director of religion research for Pew Research Center.

Go beyond the anecdotes to discover the facts. Religion and Electronic Media


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