Another version of “Who am I?” this Holy Week

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holy weekOn Palm Sunday the Pope asked us to think about who we would be as we encounter the many personalities in the scriptures of this week. Debbie of “Saints 365 – Striving for the heights of Holiness in the trenches of everyday life” presents some of our possible answers.

Am I the Good Thief?… Simon?… Pilate… Peter… the Centurian…

For example…

Her prayer after reflecting on the Centurian the onlooker  who in spite of himself was open to a new reality.

Jesus, I had been keeping guard over you for hours; just doing my job, watching you suffer in agony as you endured the brutal death by crucifixion  I’ve seen it all before and I really couldn’t allow myself to get caught up in the emotions of those people at the foot of your cross. I was just waiting for time to pass so I could leave that place of death and suffering, when suddenly I felt the earth shake beneath my feet, as if revolting at your death. More than the outward signs, I felt a revolution in my heart and mind and I am filled with the certainty that you truly are the Son of God. In an instant I know that my life will never be the same. Help me, Jesus, to understand what I have experienced – help my to truly know you.

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