“Voice of the Poor” becomes “Out of Poverty”

by | Mar 13, 2014 | Justice and Peace, Society of St. Vincent de Paul

svdp_logo_usaOUT OF POVERTY is now the title of the Western Region Voice of the Poor newsletter. It seems appropriate, because it indicates the goal of everything we do for the people we serve.

Together with the new name, our team decided that the newsletter would have each time three sections:

–      We will always start with a spiritual reflection, just as we do in all Vincentian meetings. This section will also include information on  Catholic social teaching.  This time, we have an article by Warren Wright on the Apostolic Exhortation “Evangelii Gaudium”.

–      The second section will include articles on current issues. These could be a discussion on how we can best carry out our Voice of the Poor ministry.  More often, articles will illustrate obstacles encountered by the people we serve, the needed advocacy to address them and how people in poverty themselves can take responsibility for their life and work at overcoming their obstacles.

–       Finally, the third section will include reports by Voice of the Poor teams across the region. This month, we have reports from five states and information on two important events in the region.

In the current issue Out of Poverty… March 2014 you will find the following articles:

  • “Getting Involved” on page 4 talks about our involvement with public life and the applicable Church teaching that make it both a virtue and an obligation.
  • In “Self-sufficient Wages” on page 5, Jack Murphy discusses the difference between a self-sufficient wage and minimum wage. It is a higher standard that defines the income necessary to meet all the basic needs of a family, without external help. This level of wage is what the Society supports.
  • “Understanding poverty statistics” on page 6, describes how the official level of poverty, used as a threshold for public benefits, is unrealistically low.  In spite of it, the official poverty level is often misunderstood to the point that some believe that public benefits are not necessary.
  • “A Challenging Future” talks about education and its crucial role in the elimination of poverty and, more broadly, in the economic future of our country. The article has extensive quotes from Chancellor Lee D. Lambert from Pima Community College, with great articulation of the education challenges that our country faces, compounded by globalization pressures and unfavorable demographics.

Please send your comments and suggestions to voiceofthepoorwr@cox.net

God bless you,

Giulio Grecchi

Volunteer – Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Tucson Diocesan Council

Voice of the Poor – Western Region Representative


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