Formation Friday – Silos? or Gardens?

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Vincentian Family

SilosFormation silos and re-inventing the wheel

Just about every branch of the Vincentian Family seeks material helpful in forming its constituents. We often talk about collaboration in formation. But do we share our resources with others outside our silo?

Previous Formation Friday posts explained the range of resources already available on this site. However, how many times do we stumble upon resources and think “Gee, I wish we had something like this adapted for our needs.”

This may point to a growing edge for the Vincentian Family – simple methods of collaboration in sharing formation resources.

The focus of this post is to move the ball forward in terms of collaboration via the sharing of resources that have been developed or making them available for adaptation for use in other branches or settings.

Rather than just stumbling upon one another’s resources how about using VinFormation as a place for sharing with others.

I suspect if we sent in links to our most successful formation materials we might find some exciting resources to use as is or allow other branches to tweak for their own purposes. We might find a public  garden a beautiful place to grow.

As they say “Sharing is Caring” but also “Sharing could be the Vincentian Way”.

Send us your resources (or links to resources) that you would be willing to share with other followers of Vincent, Louise, Frederic, Elizabeth, etc.

Send us your PowerPoints, DVDs, prayer services, or any other traditional classroom resources and we can convert or restyle them for online use.

Want to adapt one of our templates for your particular branch or ministry? We can easily make your own custom version of Vincentian Jeopardy, History Timelines and more.

Do you have an idea for an online course? Interested in becoming a Vincentian mentor? Want to host a webinar? Create a podcast or an educational video? We can help!

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