Empowering Communities: Sisters of Charity of Nazareth’s Solar Initiative in Dharuhera (India)

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Several years ago, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth aimed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2047. Recognizing the challenge of reducing travel emissions, they decided to offset their carbon footprint with solar electric projects at selected ministries. These projects prevent future greenhouse gas emissions and provide reliable electricity in areas with unstable power.

One such project is at the Dharuhera SCN Mission in Haryana, India. This mission empowers women and children through education and skills training. The Suryoday Cutting & Tailoring Center opened in April 2024. The Mary Matha Youth Initiative offers catechism classes, tutoring, and leadership training. Basic computer classes for girls and boys began in May. The mission also provides counseling and health advice for women and girls.

Led by Sisters Ann Moyalan, Nirmala Mulackal, Agnes Tudu, and Paulina Kerketta, the mission has deep ties to the community. Previously an orphanage for daughters born into brothels, the building was repurposed. Surveys of 200 local households and consultations with village leaders identified the community’s needs, leading to the creation of the Dharuhera Mission.

Sister Ann, the mission’s director, stated that electricity is a major problem in the area. Solar energy backup will allow the mission to operate smoothly, ensuring the continuity of its programs. This project reflects the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth’s commitment to environmental stewardship and community service, providing sustainable energy and reducing the mission’s carbon footprint.

Source: https://nazareth.org/



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