Belize “Adoption” Program Sets Out to Help Senior Citizens

by | May 20, 2024 | News, Sisters of Charity | 0 comments

In an effort to address the growing needs of senior citizens facing financial constraints, LIFE (Living Independently in Full Existence) in Belize has initiated an “Adopt-a-Senior” program. This endeavor aims to provide assistance to elderly individuals who struggle to afford basic necessities.

Carlette Gentle, SCN, who heads up LIFE, said the program responds to the stark reality that many seniors in Belize City lack the means to meet their daily requirements. Sister Carlette explained, “We decided to do the adopt-a-senior program because there are several seniors that cannot afford the basic necessities. We here at LIFE offer some of what they need, but it really comes at a cost since things are very expensive.”

LIFE, a non-profit, works to enhance the lives of residents aged 60 and older in the Southside of Belize City. The Adopt-a-Senior program encompasses a range of essential support services for these senior residents, including transportation to and from medical appointments, transportation to social support group meetings, as well as provision of a nutritious meal, drink, and dessert during these gatherings. Additionally, participants receive a pantry bag once a month, containing basic food items such as flour, rice, beans, shortening, corn flakes, oats, powdered milk, ramen, Maggie soup mix, canned sausages, mac and cheese, baking powder, soap powder, soap, and Clorox.

These costs can be covered for a resident for about $75 per month. Sister Carlette emphasized the program’s flexibility, stating, “You can adopt for a year or however long you can.” This flexibility allows individuals and organizations to contribute according to their capacity, ensuring sustained support for Belize’s elderly population.

For those interested in participating or seeking more information about the Adopt-a-Senior program, contact LIFE at or message them on Facebook.



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