Successful Strategies to Engage Black Catholic Young Adults

by | Feb 19, 2024 | News

Recently there was a webinar discussing Black Catholic Young Adults presented by Knights of Peter Claver and Ladies Auxiliary, Archdiocese of New Orleans, Loyola Institute for Ministry, and Saint Peter Claver Foundation. 

This discussion was an in-depth look at how and why young people are staying away, or not as engaged, in the Catholic community, and ways Catholic leaders can persuade and retain young adults to establish them as leaders for future generations. One proposal was for elders to be more like mentors than dictators. Some older leaders automatically put young adults in positions that they may not be ready for.  Instead, they could offer to mentor, asked young adults if they’re interested in a leadership position, or for suggestions on how to retain/reclaim young adults.  They also recommended to go to where they are. which means the Catholic Church itself needs to adapt to current times and be where the young adults are, and have things going on that are engaging and welcoming.

This conversation was something that needed to happen, especially in the Black Catholic community due to impending threats of closures and mergers throughout the different Dioceses in the country. This webinar is really important for older Catholics who are still active within their parish because they want to know, “Why are young adults no longer in the Church? How can they come back to the Church?” That answer and so much more is addressed within the webinar. As a Black Catholic Young Adult myself, although still an active member of my home parish of St. Benedict in Oakland, CA, I can understand how young adults can lose their way, or interest, within the parish. Fortunately, my parish is very welcoming, and if I were to give any advice, or show any interest, they will be more than happy to hear me out or assist me in a role within the Church. This is one of the many reasons why they are “Your Home Away from Home.” A big thing that is also important is reaching out to the local community.  Doing that is showing visibility within the community, which St. Benedict does a lot of, and is also a way to connect to young adults and young families as well.

If you are interested in learning more, here is the link to webinar:

Source: Young Vincentian’s Winter Newsletter