Cameroon – SdC Hospital Project Is Growing

by | Feb 1, 2024 | News | 1 comment

In Ngoundal, the “Saint Jeanne Antide” hospital is the health referral point for an area of about 18,500 people. It is also attended by a population that is difficult to calculate in size, made up of Bororo nomads and refugees from Central Africa who have settled in the area.

Opened in 2016 by the Sisters of Charity. The construction of the hospital was made possible with the help of the authorities and the local population, and thanks to a whole network of donations and contributions from Italy, France and Switzerland. It is a clear example of how, together, with tenacity and boldness, great things can be achieved. Together, we can believe in a more beautiful and fraternal world, of all races, beliefs and religions.

Recently, two missionary doctors from Chiavari, in Liguria, Francesca Pezzolo and Mauro Moretti, she a paediatrician and he a radiologist, have opened a department dedicated to the difficult diagnosis of extra-pulmonary tuberculosis, which is very widespread, especially among children, a disease that is difficult to recognise, but has serious consequences on the growth of the little ones.



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    God bless all the donors abundantly for their kind gesture. ‘Together we can walk far’. God bless the organisers too.

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