CIF Activities for the Vincentian Movement for the Year 2024

by | Jan 27, 2024 | Formation

Dear brothers and sisters of the Vincentian Family:

May the Peace of the Lord be with you both now and forever!

Like every year, I am writing to tell you what the different CIF Meetings will be next year so that you can anticipate your participation in time. Likewise, I invite you to extend this proposal to all members of the Vincentian Family in your countries.

I inform you that in this year 2023 we have had a significant increase in participants, both lay people who are members of Vincentian associations or work in our institutions, and sisters from various congregations who participate in the Vincentian charism, without forgetting the priests and brothers. of the Congregation of the Mission. Thank you for inviting these groups, and in many cases helping them financially so they can participate in the CIF.

I share some proposals with you. We want to continue adapting the CIF to new challenges. The entire Church follows a synodal path that invites us to a process of transformation, to a comprehensive change. The CIF, from its identity, wants to join this effort. Also, we want to provide an improved CIF each year. Trying to solve current and future problems. Choosing to solve them together, applying creativity, perseverance, and firmness. Obviously, the CIF does not have the authority to resolve some service problems that depend on the Mother House, but we try. In this effort the opinion and help of each of you is valuable. Since the CIF is a training institute open to the entire Vincentian Family.

Now I want to show you specifically what the CIFs we will have will be. The first two are for the entire Vincentian Family and the last is only for members of the Congregation of the Mission. Maybe I include it so that we are better communicated and pray for each encounter.

  • II CIF MEETING FOR CONTINUOUS TRAINING IN ASIA. Sunday, February 4 to Wednesday, February 14, 2024. It will be held in Mysore India. This Meeting is exclusive for the Congregation of the Mission and the Vincentian Family of Asia. Those interested can register with Fr. Joy Thuruthel CM or with Fr. Francis Puthenthayil CM
  • VII CIF FOR THE VINCENTIAN FAMILY. They arrive on Sunday, May 5 and depart on Sunday, May 26, 2024. It will be in our Lazarist Mother House in Paris, France. We will combine classes with visits to significant Vincentian places. As for the conferences, in addition to the usual topics linked to Vincentian theology, in this meeting we will especially work on the role of the secretaries in the various Vincentian congregations and associations. Certificate of Participation will be delivered. I remind you that vacancies are limited and registration closes on Tuesday, April 2, 2024. To register I ask you to write to my email Cost: 2100 Euros.
  • V CIF FOR MISSIONARIES AD GENTES. They arrive on Sunday, November 3 and depart on Sunday, November 24, 2024. It will take place in our Lazarist Mother House in Paris, France. This meeting is a course in missiology from the Vincentian perspective. This year we will include a pilgrimage of several days. To register I ask you to write to my email Cost 1500 euros.

Some practical tips. 1. The price of the Meeting includes all expenses. The best form of payment is: A) That the person deposits the money 15 days before to the CIF account we have in Paris. Those who don’t have it, then ask me for the account number. B) Bring the money in cash to the course in Paris, to pay during it. 2. The Paris Motherhouse noticeably increased the number of people staying here. So practically all the rooms are reserved. This is why I ask participants to arrive on the same day or the day before, but not before. The same for departure since the rooms are already reserved for other people. 3. Remember that many countries need a Visa to enter France. This process should be started some months before. We, with the documents that we request, make the Attestation of each participant in France. Then, the participant must make an appointment at the French Consulate in their country, so that this attestation becomes a visa. To start the process, the French government asks us for the following documents: A) Photocopy of the Passport. B) Date of entry and exit from France, C) Photocopy of the Travel Medical Insurance for the days they are in France (this may seem strange, but the French government ensures that it will not assume anyone’s health expenses). Always send photocopies, not photos taken from your cell phone. For those who do not need a Visa, registration is very easy. 4) The courses will be taught simultaneously in English, French and Spanish. Except for the meeting in India, which will be only in English.

I ask you to collaborate with us in the dissemination of these CIF courses. Please use your personal or community social networks to spread them (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, magazines, WEB pages, etc.). The more visibility we give to the CIF, the more we will be strengthening our ongoing training of excellence.

I look forward to your response throughout the year. As always united in prayer and action. Your very humble and obedient servant,

Pbre ThD. Andrés MOTTO, CM CIF Director