Woodworking & Carpentry Graduation in Kenya

by | Nov 30, 2023 | News | 3 comments

Graduation and Luncheon for last semester’s graduates!

After a very successful appeal for De Paul Woodworking in Kenya, we have news. Eight of the trainees finished the program and took the National Trade Exam. We are so proud of them! And we are so thankful for you, our faithful donors who are helping these graduates to flourish while also reducing unemployment in Kenya and helping the graduates build, not just houses and buildings, but their lives.

Here is what Brother Jim wrote when he sent photos of the graduation ceremony and celebration:

I hope all is going well with you. You have been so supportive of us I thought I would send you these pictures. We had a graduation/luncheon at De Paul Dining Hall yesterday. 8 young men finished their training and took the national trade test in carpentry back in August. We delayed the celebration until Fr. Edwin, Provincial, returned to Kenya. He and Fr. Ignatius attended the luncheon. It was a great time with the graduates, other trainees and guests.I always enjoy seeing how happy and proud the graduates are. We have 12 trainees in the first year now, 2 of whom are young women. We are confident these trainees will do phenomenally well.

Please join us in hoping for the same!

St. Vincent dePaul, Pray for us!

Source: Vincentian International Mission Services, https://vims1617.org/

The most recent 8 trainees have completed their semester and graduated! Notice the young child who is staring up at pride. These young trainees inspire everyone around them.

Brother Jim handing out the well-deserved diplomas from the completion of Kenya Woodworking.

The graduates receiving their new tools!

Preparing for their well-deserved cake cutting ceremony!

Proud Graduates! With what looks to be a delicious homemade cake. They deserved every bite after completing their semester at Kenya Woodworking.

The pride and sense of accomplishment on Brother Jim and his new graduates says it all.

The training is done, diplomas have been received, now it’s time to celebrate!

….and celebrate some more!

The elated eight graduates with their new tools and diplomas, ready to embark on their new futures!



  1. MaryAnn Dantuono

    Brother Jim,
    You are looking as proud as the Graduates. While all the smiles are beautiful, the carpentry will create even more beautiful pieces for churches and homes. Congratulations.

  2. Tom M

    Wonderful work and wonderful results. Keep up all the good work, Bro. Jim.

  3. Sr Susan Viney DC

    Congratulations! so good to see you Bro. Jim and to know the good work continues. Time for a well deserved break. Blessings.