Dubai: The COP28 on the Global Threat of Climate Change

by | Nov 30, 2023 | News

From 30 November to 12 December, the United Arab Emirates will host the COP28, the annual UN climate conference to address the global threat posed by climate change.

This is a very important event for the world and for the future of the planet: delegates from 200 countries will participate in this year’s climate summit, starting with the most up-to-date scientific contributions on climate change and its consequences.

We have a serious concern about the urgent need for action especially in the face of the alarming promotion of fossil fuels by the host country – the United Arab Emirates – and so many other powerful nations. Pope Francis, who will attend a COP for the first time in history, encourages us to maintain our strong focus on addressing the climate emergency and the urgency of our ecological mission: “Forward, forward!” – he told us.

Despite the sometimes overwhelming feeling of being small David against mighty Goliath, he reminded us that the Holy Spirit nourishes our determination to resist climate injustice.

Indeed, the fossil fuel industry and its armies of poisonous lobbyists are putting enormous pressure on governments around the world to do the opposite of what is necessary to protect God’s sacred gift of Creation.

We, Sisters of Charity and Lay Friends, together with the Vincentian Family worldwide, accompany this event with prayer. We continue to raise awareness of the need to safeguard life, our mother earth.




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