Lebanon – The spectre of war… the schools take action!

by | Nov 8, 2023 | News

Since October 7, the conflict in Gaza has cast an even darker shadow over the very difficult situation in Lebanon. Officially, the state has taken a stance against entering the war, but how does this decision matter when we know that, in southern Lebanon, the Iran-backed Hezbollah party is ready to fight?

Frightened and distressed by the exchange of fire between the Israeli army and Hezb fighters, residents of the border area are experiencing a mass internal exodus. Driven by the instinct for survival, Lebanese families are leaving their land, their homes and their jobs to find refuge in the Metn or the North.

This voluntary exodus is creating new challenges for our Metn and Kesrwan schools, which face a hundredth challenge: preparing to welcome students from other schools in the south and integrate them into a school environment already weakened by the economic crisis.

Sister Marie Rached, principal of Saint Vincent-Baskinta, assures us that the school community is preparing to show solidarity with families in the south.

“Our students suffered several traumas after the double explosion in the port of Beirut, and the mass departure of teachers destabilized the school community. However, they are responding positively to current demands.”

After listing a number of actions planned for the eventual reception of refugees, she added:

“We do not give up at this time of distress and physical insecurity and will continue to support our people with the meager means at our disposal.”

Source: https://www.suoredellacarita.org/