Journey Through Lent With Saints Vincent and Louise (March 10)

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Formation

Today’s quote:

You should not be surprised or frightened at a bad year or at several bad years; God is abundantly rich; up to this you have wanted for nothing; why do you fear for the future? Does he not feed the birds that neither sow nor reap? How much more bountiful will he not be towards his servants? (Cf. Lk 12:24) You would like to see all you want stretched out before you, to be sure of having everything you want— l mean, according to nature because I think that, according to the spirit, you are glad to have an opportunity to entrust yourself to God alone and, like a truly poor man, to depend on the generosity of such a rich man. May God have mercy on the poor people, who are greatly to be pitied in this time of want because they do not know how to make use of it, nor do they seek first the kingdom of God and His justice to make themselves worthy of having the essential things in life given to them besides! (Cf. Mt 6:33)

Vincent de Paul (Volume: 7 | Page#: 171) To Antoine Durand, Superior (in Agde), around May 1658

How does my need to be certain of what I desire affect my life?


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