Visions of a Better Future of Glory

by | Feb 28, 2023 | Formation, Reflections

Jesus is the risen Son of Man.  And he is so, for, though the Son of God, he was a servant and obeyed to death on the cross.  He makes our visions of glory come true.

Peter does not like what Jesus says about his visions of what is to come.  They seem terrible to him.  It is clear, then, that his visions do not match those of Jesus.  It does not matter that he has proclaimed him the Messiah, the Son of the living God.

But Jesus does not leave him to his lack of understanding.  In fact, he takes him with him, along with James and John, and leads them up a high mountain.  James and John have this in common with Peter:  they too harbor visions that will come to light later to be against those of their Teacher.

No, Jesus does not recruit “from the list of all-star prospects.” He recruits, rather, plain folks.

And before one who does not grasp and the brothers who dream of taking the best seats is transfigured “God’s recruiter.”  These folks, who are not at all perfect, get to witness God’s showing up in his glory.  This theophany draws and awes as much as that which took place on Sinai.  And it cannot but be so.  For to them is made known not only who fulfills the law but also the prophets.

True Christian visions

It is Jesus, yes, who fulfills the law and the prophets.  Hence, we have to listen him, more than to Moses and Elijah.  Face to face with God’s last Word, we who are of little worth cannot but fall to the ground and be in awe of him.

But he comes close and touches us.  For he wants us to get up and not be afraid.  He makes us see that the beloved Son in glory is he, human like us in all things but sin.  And he thus lifts us up, for he opens our eyes to the future of glory.  Just so long as our visions match those of the Suffering Servant who gives his life.  Who gives up his body and sheds his blood to ransom all.  So long as we get out of our comfort zone and share in the hardship for the Gospel.

It does not matter, then, that we are weak and fall short as we try to understand and follow him.  What matters is that we hope with our whole heart in his goodness and infinite mercy.  For the throne  of his mercy is the greatness of the faults that he bears with and forgives (see SV.EN XI:130).

Lord Jesus, change us and make us new, and give us better visions, by the power of your passion, death and resurrection.

5 March 2023
Second Sunday of Lent (A)
Gen 12, 1-4a; 2 Tim 1, 8b-10; Mt 17, 1-9