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Why Does She Stay?

“Why does she stay?” It’s a simple question. The answer is not. Bottom line… If a victim must choose between abuse in their home or the high risk of abuse on the street, it’s a stretch to think they are better off on the street.

What Do Homeless Need When a Heatwave Comes?

Writing for Invisible People, Kayla Robbins Robbins, freelance writer, asks what can we do when a heatwave comes?

Criminalizing Christ: The Nationwide Targeting of Homeless

Jesus says any time there is a hungry, thirsty or ostracized person, that person is Christ himself. And if we don’t share our food, our water, or our welcome, then we are rejecting the Incarnation of God in this world.

A Shelter or a Way Out Of Homelessness?

St Vincent believed that if you gave a hungry person a sandwich you fed that person for a day. But that did not solve the underlying problem.

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