The Miraculous Medal Association International Assembly 2022 – Virtual

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The Miraculous Medal Association
International Assembly – Virtual
October 14 – 17, 2022

More than 120 delegates representing forty-five nations met virtually to listen, dialogue, and plan for the next six years. Every nation was already a member of a language region led by a member of the seven members of the Executive Council of the Miraculous Medal Association. The four days were composed of prayer, talks, discussions, and outcomes.

image courtesy of the Miraculous Medal Apostolate – Philippines

The Very Rev. Tomaž Mavrič, CM, Director General, opened the Assembly and gave the primary talk, directing the members to invite others to share in the beautiful graces of the Miraculous Medal. Dr. James Walters, an author in Spirituality and Leadership Development, spoke to the delegates for two days. His direction and examples led the delegates to remember their own call to the Association. He helped the delegates to apply this energy to their local group, go out to others and invite them into the Association. On the last day, Sister Ana Amelia, DC, the National Advisor and representative of Mother General, Sister Françoise Petit, DC, spoke to the members about the great love of Mary and how it can help them.

The outcomes of the Assembly are summarized in the statements given on the last day. The delegates agreed that the sharing of memories in the discussions moved us so much that we are inspired and given the courage to get out and tell others about the message of the Miraculous Medal. Mary shows herself as the Mother of Surprises in the miraculous way she led so many of us to this vocation in the Association of the Miraculous Medal. Our strength is shown in the diversity of talents shared. We look forward to sharing our talents in the future to support each other in promoting the Miraculous Medal.

Rev. Carl L Pieber, CM

Deputy Director
Miraculous Medal Association

Video recordings of the Assembly are available at

image courtesy of the Miraculous Medal Apostolate – Philippines

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    Thanks for sharing the information. Botswana will start the Miraculous Medal Association very soon.