The Executive Board of the Vincentian Family Meets In Rome

by | Nov 7, 2022 | News, Vincentian Family

The annual meeting of the executive board of the Vincentian Family began on Monday, November 7 and will continue until November 11. Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, C.M., the President of the Vincentian Family Executive Board presides over the meeting.

This meeting is being held at the Casa María Inmaculada. Sixteen individuals from eight branches form the present team: Congregation of the Mission, Daughters of Charity, Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, International Association of Charity, Vincentian Congregation, Brothers of Our Lady Mother of Mercy, Daughters of Charity of Strasburg and North America Sisters of Charity Federation. These eight branches animate more than 160 branches of the worldwide family. Together with them are three member of the Vincentian Family Office and five translators. We pray that the Spirit will continue to inspire these individuals so that they can respond in a collaborate manner to the reality of the poor … respond with a love that is creative unto infinity.

The members of the Board will deal with various themes: evaluation of the work of the various Vincentian commissions and work groups, approving the 2023 budget, analysis of the homeless project and Vincentian action on behalf of the refugees from Ukraine, organizing the II International Meeting of the Leaders of the Vincentian Family. Each day there is the celebration of the Eucharist and on Wednesday and group will be received by the Pope.

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