Chronicle of the 43rd General Assembly of the Congregation of the Mission, July 1

by | Jul 2, 2022 | Congregation of the Mission, News

Greetings to everyone!

Today we began the morning by going to the chapel and giving thanks to God. The Eucharist was presided by confreres from Argnetina. After breakfast, we gathered in the Assembly Hall to begin our work.

We listened to some messages which assured us that people were praying for us and asking God to bless us. Messages came from some Daughters of Charity and other individuals who asre praying that the Spirit help us accomplish our work. We paused in a moment of silence to thank God for these blessings.

What does it mean to promote vocations? What does it mean to accompany young people? The confreres from Costa Rica answered those questions through a video presentation. They also explained to us the process of accompaniment and the mission in which these young men are able to participate.

The secretary read the minutes from the previous day … and then the confreres from Argentina presented a video about their ministry.

Father Giuseppe Guerra spoke about the Saints of the Vincentian Family. There are six saints and thirteen blessed. He spoke about another group of causes that are pending including the China martyrs and others. The delegates had an opportunity to ask questions in order to satisfy their concerns about this theme of the Saints and Blessed of the Congregation.

After a break, the result of the straw ballot was distributed and the members of the Assembly were invited to pray and reflect on the vote that they will cast tomorrow. The Assembly members are asked to reflect and ponder for tomorrow one of these names to be appointed Superior of the Congregation.

The delegates then went into their respective language groups to develop the proposed theme.

After some announcements, the members of the Commission that studied the postulata presented their report. Our confrere, Brother Francis from India led the discussion on the postulata concerning the Brothers. These postulata will involve a revision of some of our Statutes. It was decided to work in groups and discuss these Statutes. Then we returned to the Assembly Hall for further discussion.

Thank you for your attention, and we hope that this experience continues to be a sign of God’s presence in the midst of the Congregation. Until tomorrow!



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