Interview with Father Isaac Demets Reyes CM, (professor at SIEV)

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During a moment of pause in the General Assembly of the Congregation of the Mission that is currently taking place in Rome, we had the opportunity to speak briefly with Fr. Isaac Demets, member of the faculty of the International Secretariat for Vincentian Studies (SIEV).

In the video that follows, Fr. Isaac introduces us to the Masters in Vincentian Studies, whose second course will begin in September, with two groups (one in Spanish and one in English). The interview is conducted in Spanish, but below, you will find a transcription of the text in English:


Father Isaac Demets, from the International Secretariat for Vincentian Studies (SIEV), what is the significance of the letters  “SIEV” and what is its objective?

SIEV is the International Secretariat for Vincentian Studies, an international entity of the Congregation of the Mission whose objective is to promote, encourage and enhance our own spirituality, that is, our Vincentian spirituality.

What does the Masters in Vincentian Studies consist of?

The Master in Vincentian Studies is a university master’s degree that is offered through an agreement with the University of Deusto (Spain). This course of studies is open to all the members of the worldwide Vincentian Family/ We see this as a means to deepen in a systematic way — through the methodology of this university — our understanding and living of the Vincentian charism.

If one is interested in enrolling in this course, what should one do?

Those interested in this course of studies should write to the SIEV ( to register and ask for information about the master’s program. This course is offered in the three official languages of the Congregation: Spanish, French and English. It is done online, so that each one can move through the course at their own rhythm and at the same time, engage in the proposed/necessary activities. The most important element is to belong to the Vincentian Family and be excited about our Vincentian charism.

Thank you very much Fr. Isaac.

You are very welcome and also, thank you.

More information about SIEV:

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  1. Mary Mediatrix V VIllanuevea

    This is a very exciting opportunity for each of us who wish to deepen our VIncentian spirituality in theory and in practice.

    May there be more of us responding to the call to LEARN AND LISTEN and ACT

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