The Ukrainian Golgotha

by | May 21, 2022 | Conflict in Ukraine, News | 2 comments

Daughters of Charity in war zones in Ukraine send an Easter message:

A mother buries her daughter alone, underneath the fifth tree in the local park, and crawls under falling bomb shells to the side of the shelter, because there, her son who is severely wounded is waiting for her. And the little girl is no more. Life was taken from her …

The widow stares at the lid of the coffin as it closes and her beloved’s face disappears. They got married on the first day of the war. Together they decided to defend their freedom, their land. She still feels the warmth of his hands, longs to wake up from this terrible dream. Her beloved is no more. Life was taken from him ...

Destroyed bridge

A child who, for three days, lay under the rubble of his own building next to his dead parents. They had managed to cover their son with their own bodies. His parents are no more. Life was taken from them …

An elderly couple stands over the rubble of the building they spent a lifetime building together. On the first day of the war, their children and grandson arrived, fleeing the bombed city. Today, returning from the hospital, they found the house bombed. They wept with pain not for their house: their children and grandson were left under the rubble. Life was taken from them …
Life was taken from her …
Life was taken from him …
Life was taken from them …
Life was taken from Him – from Jesus …
… but after three days He rose again.
After Jerusalem’s Golgotha, there was resurrection.
After the Ukrainian Golgotha, there will be a resurrection.


Prayer for peace in Ukraine



  1. James Ruiz

    Very moving picture of the Ukranian nightmare. I saw Putin in attendance in an Easter Service and Cross himself.
    He should be ashamed of himself or better yet, He should be excommunicated by the Eastern Orthodox Church.

    • Bibiana

      God help us in the world of sufferings and full of injustices.Let us understands that at end dark tunnel there must light.