With a twofold mission, the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Bilbao (Spain) coordinates a new humanitarian convoy to Ukraine

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A little more than a month ago we informed you about an initiative to assist the people in Ukraine, an initiative led by the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Bilbao (Spain): a that time a humanitarian convoy consisting of six vans transported food and other materials to the Polish Vincentian Family, and brought a group of Ukrainian refugees to Spain. This concern for the well-being of Ukrainian families who were welcomed in various cities in northern Spain has continued throughout these weeks … we have had frequent contacts with them and continue to tend to their needs.

During the second week of May, the members of the Society were on the road once again. On this occasion, a team of reporters from the Spanish Television Network(TVE) accompanied the convoy and communicated to the nation the effects of this service. The media explained the reality of the returnees and their expectations, as well as the support work that was being done by the members of the Society and volunteers.

A team of reporters conducts an interview during a stop in this journey.

On the one hand, the convoy, despite the difficult situation, takes refugees who wish to return to their country back to the border with Ukraine and, on the other hand, they will pick up families who want to travel to Spain and get away from the war. The convoy left on Monday and on Thursday had reached the border. Citizens who wanted to return to their country desired to go home, meet family and friends, and in some cases go back to work.

At this present time, the convoy returns to Spain with Ukrainian families who will be welcomed here in Spain.

Here you will find some further information provided by Spanish Television on its Twitter account:

Translation: The first convoy with Ukrainian refugees returning to their country leaves from Euskadi (Spain). A team of reporters from TVE [National Spanish TV] will accompany them during the trip and we will see it on TVE.

Translation: The journey is organised by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Spain. There are six families, mostly from Bucha.

Translation: The first convoy of refugees to return to Ukraine departs from Irun (Spain). A team from TVE accompanies them on this journey of more than 2,200 miles back home.

Translation: The TVE team continues its journey with Ukrainian refugees returning home. Today on Telenorte news, at 14h and at 15:55 we will know their personal stories.

Translation: The first convoy of refugees returning to their country from Euskadi (Spain) is already 700 miles from the border. On the journey they are accompanied by a team from TVE. Today they tell us the reasons for returning to their country.

Translation: Mixed feelings of refugees returning to Ukraine from Spain. After a day and a half of travel, the group of Ukrainian refugees who decided to return to their country from the Basque Country has already crossed the border. They return to a country at war, hoping to be reunited with their loved ones and to help in the reconstruction. Language is the main barrier to staying in Spain. The younger ones are happy; the older ones are resigned to return to a country at war.

Translation: Six Ukrainian refugee families cross the border on their way home. A team from TVE accompanies them in this exciting moment.

Translation: After leaving the six families crossing into Ukraine, another group of refugees set out on the journey to Euskadi (Spain), fleeing the war.


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    God Bless these extraordinary volunteers who take on such a dangerous effort.

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