Collaboration to Respond to the Crisis in Ukraine

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Here is a little example of how the Vincentian Family has worked together in a collaborative way to respond to the crisis in Ukraine. St. Vincent’s College, a Vincentian School in Dublin Ireland raised over €17,000  in funds for the humanitarian appeal for Ukraine. Fr. Stephen, the chaplain to the school and the CM advisor to MISEVI International was tasked with ensuring that the funds raised would go directly to assisting those in need. Using his contacts from within MISEVI he reached out to MISEVI Slovakia and MISEVI Poland.

In Poland, the MISEVI group contacted the Daughter of Charity in Ukraine and received a list of essential items that were required to assist them in their efforts to respond to the many people who were turning to them for assistance. The MISEVI Poland used the funds to purchase a significant amount of items and then drove to the Ukraine border and delivered the items into the hands of the Sisters. They also gave the Sisters some money to assist with the very high cost of transport.

Fr. Stephen also worked with MISEVI Slovakia to transfer funds to the Vincentian Family Account. This funding was then channeled through DePaul International and with the assistance of Fr. Pavol CM several crates of essential supplies were transported directly to cities in Ukraine and distributed to people who were in desperate need. It was wonderful to see so many branches of the Vincentian Family working together across so many borders in order to help making a little difference to the lives of people in need.

We are in admiration of all our Vincentian brothers and sisters, Vincentian Fathers, Daughters of Charity and DePaul workers who remain in Ukraine, working in very difficult and often dangerous circumstances, serving those people who for one reason or another cannot escape the conflict.

As ‘Family’ we can do more.

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  1. Claire Sweeney

    Thanks be to God! Glory and Praise to God!

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