CMM Brothers: On our way to Zambia!

by | Jan 16, 2022 | News

The start of the new mission of CMM Brothers in Zambia is drawing nearer. In preparation for the start of the new mission, the four pioneers will make a retreat together from the 18th to the 22nd of January in Kenya. On 25th of January 2022, they depart from Kenya to Zambia. Brother Athanasius, regional superior of the region of Namibia, will travel to Lusaka to receive the four brothers at the Airport and he will accompany them to Kawambwa in the Mansa Diocese.

Community Saint Joseph

The name of the new community goes back to the CMM tradition: the first house, the Motherhouse, had St. Joseph as its patron saint. Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary, will be the name of the new community in Zambia. The feast day of Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary is celebrated on March 19th.

Brother Videlis Minyega will be the community superior, with Brother Daniel Nyakundi Nchoga as his deputy. Brother Alfred Kaluba will be the community bursar, Brother Peter Mutuku will be the community secretary and also responsible for the Chronicles and for the inventory of the community. The community of Kamambwa will be directly under the responsibility of general board – in co-operation with the region of Namibia and the province of Kenya.

In a Zoom meeting preparing the four brothers for their new mission, the superior general, Brother Lawrence, gave them the following advice: “Make it a home for yourself, so that it can become a home for others.”


The main work of the Brothers in Kawambwa will be teaching, on the primary and secondary level as well as providing technical education. They will re-open a technical school for carpentry and tailoring: St. Mary’s Vocational  Training Centre. Vraag & Aanbod Internationaal has approved a proposal to support the Brothers with tools. The tools they will provide are mainly for basic training. For other tools that might be needed, arrangements will be made when the Brothers have settled and the work has begun. The Congregation of MSC supports the Brothers with the financial means to transport the tools to the Zambian border and from where the Brothers will take over the transportation of this material. The Bishop of Mansa is ready to help with organizing the clearance and transportation of the tools to Kawambwa. The Brothers CMM are very grateful for the support they have received in initiating this new mission.

In addition to educational work, the Brothers will be active in pastoral ministry in the parish or the diocese. 2022 will be a year of preparation, of getting to know the place and of learning the language. To be able to interact with the local people, it is important to learn the language. We expect to start enrolling students for technical education in 2023.

Support us

It is expected that the project in Zambia will gradually become self-supporting, but at the beginning, the new mission will need financial support to set up everything that is needed to offer the necessary training to the young people.

If you would also like to support this new mission of the brothers CMM, your contribution is most welcome and can be made through International Bank Account Number (IBAN) NL 60 ABNA 0522439055 in the name of Fraters CMM Missieprocuur (BIC: ABNANL2A, Postbus 90105, 5000 LA Tilburg). You can mention in the description for which purpose you want to make a donation, for example (in this case): “new mission Zambia”, then your donation will be earmarked for that purpose. Thank you for your support!


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