Activities of the International Formation Center (CIF) for the Vincentian Family (2022)

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Dear brothers and sisters, members of the Vincentian Family:

May the grace of Jesus Christ, evangelizer of the poor, remain with you now and for ever!

At this time, I want to inform you about the activities  that are scheduled for 2022. At the International Formation Center (CIF) in Paris, we work to spread the Vincentian charism and spirituality.

We hope this information will enable you to serve the poor in a more effective manner. As you know, the various sessions will be held at the Motherhouse of the Congregation of the Mission located at 95, rue de Sèvres. Paris. FRANCE. The sessions will be offered in English, Spanish and French. We invite you to participate in these two meetings:

I CIF TO IMPROVE THE ECONOMY IN THE VINCENTIAN FAMILY. Sunday March 20 to Saturday April 2, 2022. Paris. This is a course for all the branches of the Vincentian Family and will provide them  techniques that will help them to manage their finances and to their projects on behalf of the poor. This session can be especially useful during these difficult post-pandemic times. This includes material and visits to Paris. Cost 950 euros.

V CIF FOR THE VINCENTIAN FAMILY. Sunday May 29 to June 22, 2022. Paris. This formation session includes group sessions at the Motherhouse and visits to Vincentian places in France. We will have the opportunity to delve deeper into Vincentian theology and together seek possible solutions to current problems that afflict the poor. We will also develop our prayer and community life. Cost 1950 euros.

Some practical tips.

  1. The cost of the session cover all expenses. There are nothing additional costs. Let me remind you that the best method of payment is for the participant to bring cash to the session.
  2. If any congregation or association has financial problem, please contact us with regard to possible scholarships.
  3. Since the Motherhouse in Paris is constantly asked to reserve rooms for one occasion or another, we ask participants to arrive on the day or the day before the beginning of said formation session (please do not arrive serval days before the beginning of the session). The same procedure will be demanded when leaving, since the rooms have already been booked for other groups.
  4. Remember that many countries need a visa to enter France. This process is usually longer and more complex than you imagine. You should begin this process as soon as possible. Present those documents that the French government requires. To begin the process, your will have to gather together the following documents: Photocopy of Passport; date of entry and exit from France; Photocopy of the Travel Medical Insurance. For those who do not need a visa the process is easier:  you  must simply complete the registration that we will send you and then take out Travel Medical Insurance.

We are looking forward to receiving you  here in Paris. We know that the participants will return to their places feeling strengthened in their ability to serve those men and women who the poor. I shall be waiting for you at the CIF, our common home, so as to be able to walk together.  Your brother in Mary and Saint Vincent.

Fr. Dr. Andrés MOTTO, CM
CIF Director

PS: to confirm your participation (or in case of doubts or questions) please, send me an email at:





    Thanks for the invitation. I would like to attend the one that takes place from March 20, to 9th of April, 2022. The cost is affordable, and shorter period. I will inform others about the training.
    Kind regards.

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    Pienso, y no es la 1ª vez que me permito escribirlo, sin duda será la última, ¿¿Esos costes, …muy superiores a los salarios mínimos y muchos no-mínimos…excluyen ….Si se tiene que contar con ayudas….pues excluyen moralmente. ¡¡¡Qué lástima…¿vicencianos????