Live Q&A session with the President General of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

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The Council General International (CGI) of the Society of Saint Vicent de Paul continues to work at reinforcing dialogue and transparency with all the countries of our International Confederation. To that end, next Saturday, October 30, 2021, another Talk Show with the President General will be held at 10 am (local time in Brasilia, Brazil). The Talk Show will be broadcast live on Ozanam TV (Facebook) in Portuguese with translation into English, Spanish and French (

Fellow members from all over the world will have the opportunity to speak, without intermediaries, with Renato Lima de Oliveira, 16th President General, and to raise any topic/ doubt, or make any comment, criticism, or suggestion. The President will talk about the activities undertaken in 2021 and those planned for 2022, the impact of the pandemic on the Society, news about Ozanam’s canonization, recent decisions taken by the Council General, communication, youth, formation, governance and much more.

“The talk show provides an opportunity for the Council General to draw closer to the grassroots via the internet. In my mind, this is a unique opportunity because the President General needs to be always close to the Conferences and the members. I would like to thank Ozanam TV and the interpreters who will accompany us in this friendly and fraternal dialogue. You are all invited! Don’t miss it. I look forward to your participation, especially young people”, urged President Renato.

This will be the sixth talk show since this initiative began in 2019. The global health crisis has accelerated the rise of digital tools and technology for work, school, formation session as well as for entertainment. Hence, the Talk Show with the President General is also an opportunity for Vincentian formation.

Portuguese (our President’s mother tongue), Spanish, French and English translation will be available. We remind everyone to keep in mind the different time zones. The next talk show will be held on April 16th, 2022.

  • Local time: 10 am (Brasilia time).
  • International time: 1 pm (UTC) –
  • Date: Saturday, October 30th, 2021
  • Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.
  • Questions can be directed



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    Thanks for the invitation. I will try to join the family.