“Aguapanaleros of the Night receives an award from the Congress of the Republic of Colombia

by | Jun 14, 2021 | News, Vincentian Family

The foundation, “Aguapaneleros of the Night, Lay Vincentians,” a branch of the Vincentian Family, was awarded the Order of Democracy Simón Bolívar by the Chamber of Congressional Representatives of the Republic of Colombia. This was award was presented in recognition of this groups 25 years of work among the homeless and vulnerable population in the city of Medellín.

The award was presented by the president of the Chamber of Congressional Representatives, Doctor Germán Blanco Álvarez during an event that was held on May 24, 2021, at the headquarters of the organization. A delegation from the Chamber of Congressional Representatives participated in the events as well as a group of volunteers from the foundation and about a hundred members from the local community.

El premio fue entregado por el presidente de la Cámara de representantes, el doctor Germán Blanco Álvarez, en un evento que se llevó a cabo el 24 de mayo de 2021 en la sede de la fundación. A la ceremonia asistieron una delegación de la Cámara de representantes de Colombia, un grupo de voluntarios de la fundación, y cien integrantes de la comunidad.

This award was presented for the following reasons:

The Foundation “Aguapaneleros of the Night, Lay Vincentians” is a non-for-profit organization, established in the city of Medellín on May 15, 1996, through the initiative of José Guillermo Bolívar Tabares and Mary Luz Molina Pareja. These individuals were inspired by the gospel and social doctrine of the Church and also by the charism, spirituality and teachings of Saint Vincent de Paul and Saint Louise de Marillac. The mission is to contribute to the human well-being of the needy and vulnerable members of our society.

Through charitable and generous teamwork, this organization provides people living on the street with alternatives for improving the quality of life and recovering their human dignity. This is done through the delivery of food, rehabilitation and spiritual help. During these 25 years, the members of this organization have also successfully led programs with mothers who are heads of household without resources, and street vendors, who receive food and psychosocial support (a support that allows them to overcome difficulties, advance family integration. and social transformation).

Currently this group is serving 1,850 people in the projects of the ” Prodigal son. ” , focused on comprehensive accompaniment of street dwellers, ” The Good Samaritan “,  aimed at street vendors and recyclers in the center of Medellín, and the ” Multiplication of the loaves ”  directed toward mothers who are the heads of a household and who have very  limited resources, and who reside in the various neighborhoods of Medellin. These individuals are given social support, accompaniment in the resocialization processes, support and training, and health care.

José Guillermo Bolívar Tabares (president of the organization) stated: This recognition tells us that we are doing our job well and that we are well-grounded. By joyfully sharing our 25th anniversary, we commit ourselves to follow Christ, the evangelizer and servant of the poor, to live a deep missionary spirituality, to enrich the Vincentian charism, and to unify our efforts with those of the larger Vincentian Family in order to serve more effectively our sisters and brothers who are living on the street.


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