In the Midst of a World Pandemic, Hope Springs Forth

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Formation, Reflections

In the midst of a world pandemic, a world of unrest, a world of uncertainty, there is hope.  Hope is our faith.  Hope is in the words of Scripture. Hope is in the faces of ones that we love.  And hope is especially vivid for us in MISEVI today as Valeria Coronel begins her mission in Bolivia.

Hope springs from Valeria herself as she ventures to this country and this step of her mission journey.  She responded to a call to serve in the midst of a pandemic.  She responded to the people of Bolivia.  She shows us all her courage to say yes, following the footsteps of Mary’s yes to God.  Hope springs from the collaboration among Argentina, Spain, Bolivia, and MISEVI International for this mission.  Hope springs from all who embrace the Vincentian spirit of a willingness to go to any part of the world, to pay attention to the signs of the times, to tend to the needs of those who are most vulnerable, and to be open to ongoing transformation.  Valeria’s yes is a sign of hope and a call for us to pay attention to the opportunities to bring hope in a world so in need of hope.  Thank you, Valeria, for your witness! Thank you for bringing us hope!


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