Willing to Hear and Proclaim Jesus

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Formation, Reflections

Jesus is the Firstborn among the prophets who are willing to hear and proclaim the word of God.  He does not tire until he brings forth justice on earth.

Peter and Andrew are so willing to follow Jesus that they answer his call just like that.  They do not ask the questions that wise people ask.  Nor do they even ask him what to be fishers of men means.

The sons of Zebedee show that they are willing in the same way.  For they go with Jesus; they leave their task, and their father in the boat with the hired men.

If we are as willing as the first four disciples, we, too, will start well.  But to start does not mean to finish.

To finish, we have to do as our Teacher.  That is to say, we have to be willing to follow to the end the way of the word of God.

And to be and do as Jesus asks that we follow him up close.  For we have to heed what he says and at the same time watch with care what he does.

Willing to serve the Word

Jesus is the one that makes us catch undivided attention to the word of God and single-minded fulfillment of it.  Hence, he trains us for the task to catch humans.

But nets, —the disciples leave them behind—, are not to catch us; good example has to do it.  For that is how Jesus draws people.

Yes, everyone looks for him.  He amazes all and makes them wonder about his new way to teach.

Jesus does not teach as those who say but do not do what they say.  He teaches not only by giving knowledge, but most of all by giving example.

And yes, his works of mercy back up his words.  For he cures many who are sick and drives out many demons.  He does not turn back in the face of troubles that come to those who do good (SV.EN I:75).  Nor does he tire until he brings forth justice on earth.  And lifted from earth, he draws all to himself.

That is how Jesus is.  And all that is the Teacher’s, all that he is about, all this we have to soak up.  And get used to.  Clearly, then, to follow Jesus is not a one-day task.

That is to say, we have to be willing to go on and on.  Only when Jesus is ingrained in us do we become fit for the kingdom of God (Lk 9, 59-62).  We cannot ask to say farewell first to our family.  To look back is not for us.  We must be willing to give our bodies up and shed our blood even.

As we put on Christ, we become the conversion and the Good News that we preach.  And we can say in a believable way that “time is running out.”

Lord Jesus, we are willing.  But we are weak.  You have called us by your mercy; may your goodness help us follow you until death (see SV.EN IX:284).

24 January 2021
3rd Sunday in O.T. (B)
Jon 3, 1-5. 10; 1 Cor 7, 29-31; Mk 1, 14-20


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