500 Households Assisted by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Haiti During the Pandemic

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Vincentians of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul step up to help the most vulnerable households, raising awareness among people to avoid the spread of the virus, especially in the fringe areas.

When the state of health emergency was declared, Haiti’s Superior Council requested the Council General International to provide humanitarian aid to fight the pandemic, and brought together all regional presidents to draw up a plan for action and assistance in the most affected areas. Detailed instructions were given as to how to define the target beneficiaries, how to convey public awareness messages and how to distribute emergency health kits and food parcels.

Hence, a commission was appointed to ensure optimal and efficient management of resources: purchase of products, training of volunteer teams and the distribution of goods to each region, according to Covid-19 risk levels.

Delivery sessions were organized on a regional basis and were structured as follows:

  • A brief moment of prayer
  • Information on Covid-19 and the spread of this virus. The importance of barrier gestures.
  • Distribution of food parcels, and health and hygiene kits.

Thanks to effective and planned assistance, the Haitian members of the Society have reached 500 vulnerable households. They have informed the families about this virus and launched awareness-raising campaigns targeting the country’s poorest people, who are doubly hit by the effects of the pandemic.

Source: https://www.ssvpglobal.org/

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    Thanks for sharing the information. God bless all Vincentians

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