Reflection Group Meets in order to Analyze the Consequences of the Pandemic

by | Sep 1, 2020 | News | 1 comment

The International Vincentian Family Think Tank has met to advise the Executive Committee of the Vincentian Family, with proposals, lines of action, projects and services to address the consequences of the pandemic throughout the world.

The members of the Think Tank are collaborating in an effort to integrate common criteria so that our Vincentian branches are catalysts for the most urgent needs of the poor.

Our charism acts as a protagonist in the development of aid and the integral promotion of life in favor of so many who have suffered from the Coronavirus

We wish to assure the poor that Vincentians from all over the world accompany them and assist them in the concrete response to their needs. The picture is becoming increasingly bleak and a global strategy is needed:

  • eradicate indolence and selfishness;
  • speak with a prophetic voice as a united Vincentian Family;
  • unleash gifts, talents and wills in the creation of a Vincentian humanitarian aid network.

The impact of COVID-19 demands an urgent response from our service to those most in need among us.

1 Comment

  1. Viola Perello

    Greetings from Manila! Thank you for the prayers of Daughters of Charity when my special son Vincent Paul Perello had been fighting for his life Holy Week 2015 in San Juan de Dios Hospital ICU in Manila for 11 days before he finally backed to the arms of God. He got stabbed wound in his neck, had been operated, suffered pneumonia, tried to revived 5 times while there were nuns comforting him during that time. Thank you so much. My son’s life journey was the same as St. Vincent de Paul, he loved to stay in the poor areas in our place giving food and anything he can share to the people and children living there. Thank you once again. Praying for your charism and may the love of God be felt through your presence to the poor ones as always. God bless you more!!! – Viola Perello