Two More Days: Join with the Vincentian Family for a Time of Prayer: July 12

by | Jul 10, 2020 | News

In situations of anguish and need, such as those which we are currently experiencing around the world as a result of COVID-19, selfishness, racism and so many other problems that afflict the dignity of the poor, we, members of the worldwide Vincentian Family not only move into action and try to alleviate the needs of the most disadvantaged, but we also raise our eyes towards God and ask for the strength to face the challenges that are before us. We do this in community, because our movement brings us together in a family that, together with the rest of the People of God, walks forward with “one heart and one mind only” (cf. Acts 4.32).

Therefore, given the extraordinary situation of confinement that many still experience due to the pandemic  we invite all members of the Vincentian Family, both lay and consecrated, and also collaborators and all who are in solidarity with the charism of Saint Vincent de Paul to a moment of prayer to be held on Facebook Live.

The meeting will be broadcast on the Facebook channel of Ozanam TV:

This meeting will take place on Sunday, July 12 at 3:00 pm (Eastern Daylight Saving Time, New York) or which is the same, 9:00pm (CET time in Madrid, Rome and Paris).

To know the hour of the meeting in your place of residence, click here.

In this prayer service, we will unite in asking God to send his spirit and renew this land wounded by the pandemic, selfishness, racism and so many other serious problems that afflict in a very real way the poor, “our lords and masters.”

You Are Invited! We hope to see you here!
Your presence is important and necessary!

More information:

Remember: on July 12th You Are Invited to Pray with the Worldwide Vincentian Family


July 12: Vincentian Family Day of Prayer for a World in Need (Facebook Live)



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