Album/CD “Followers of Jesus Christ, servants of the poor”

by | Jun 29, 2020 | News

Just over a year ago, the Vincentian Family Office convened a Vincentian Song Festival in Spanish with the theme: “Followers of Jesus Christ, servants of the poor.” More than forty songs from the United States, Spain and many Latin American countries were presented. After the festival, a team of musicians chose eighteen song that would be recorded professionally so that an album could be produced.

The recordings were made with the participation of musicians and singers from twelve different countries. Thanks to excellent coordination, we were able to do this recording in a reasonable length of time (just six months) and the production was completed in late February. When we were about to hand over our work so that compact discs could be produced, the confinement caused by the covid-19 pandemic came upon us and everything was halted. Fortunately, in early June, the company reopened, and we resumed the project. Nevertheless, production will take a few weeks to complete because the duplicators after being closed for three months, have a heavy workload.

We, however, have taken advantage of this time to upload this work on the main musical portals of the internet, where it is now available. Digital copies are now available for listening and download … you will find the links at the end of this article.

We want to thank the composers, singers, musicians and arrangers who have participated in this project. In a special way we want to thank the Visitors of the Congregation of the Mission from the Eastern and Western Provinces of the United States who have borne much of the production cost.

We hope soon to continue with other similar works in English, French and Portuguese. We ask that you help us finance this project by buying the album in Spanish which is now available.

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