International Prayer to Go Viral!

by | May 11, 2020 | News

In March, President General Renato Lima de Oliveira sent out a prayer he asked Vincentians around the world to pray.  This prayer was to connect members of the Society worldwide in intercession regarding the effects of COVID and to express to God our need for his grace, healing and mercy.

It is now possible to connect SSVP members even further through this prayer and to demonstrate the breadth and depth of Vincentian spirituality across the earth!  An online site has been developed for this purpose. After a Vincentian has lifted this particular prayer to God, he/she is able to “sign” the prayer and add his/her location.  It is our hope that as this spreads, thousands of Vincentians around the world will add their names and locations to the list for each other to see and be edified – and to find comfort in knowing their prayer is in solidarity with other Vincentians near and far and heard by God.

Clicking on the link below will lead you to the site.  Once there, follow the instructions for praying the prayer and for submitting your “signature” and location.  Then, please share the link with other Vincentians you know!  You can continue to click on the link over time to watch the list of signatures and locations grow.

Let’s make the Society’s network of charity around the world become visible through our prayer and care for others!  Amen.

Link to Online SSVP Prayer Chain: