Relive the Prayer Gathering of the Vincentian Family (March 28) … Praying for an End to the Pandemic

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Formation, Spirituality and Spiritual Practice

On March 28th, more than 650  people from all over the world gathered together on Facebook Live for a moment of prayer — a celebration which was led by Father Tomaž Mavrič, CM and the local community residing at the General Curia in Rome. This prayer service was celebrated using four languages (Spanish, English, French and Italian) and the participants prayed for those infected with the virus as well as for a prompt resolution of this worldwide pandemic.

This celebration has been viewed by thousands of persons.

Relive this moment and ask God to help us find a cure for this illness. The video of the gathering can be viewed below and there is also a guide for prayer before the Blessed Sacrament (you will also find below various texts that were read during the prayer service:




As members of the Vincentian Family, we have gathered together this afternoon from all the corners of the world in order to pray together. We join together and implore our merciful God to bless and protect humankind from any further ravages of the coronavirus pandemic. At this time, we invite you to join with us in asking the help and assistance of the Holy Spirit and Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

Message from Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, CM:

Dear brothers and sisters,

I address each of the members of the Vincentian Family, in the broad sense of the term, on this Lenten journey, which has surprised us with the pain of thousands and thousands of people around the world, who are suffering because of COVID- 19, classified by the World Health Organization as a Pandemic.

There are many signs of pain that do not allow us to remain indifferent. To do so would be, in the words of Saint Vincent, “a caricature of a Christian” (CCD XII, 222).

Within the Vincentian Family there are also people who are infected or died with this virus. I wish today, with all of you who follow us, to raise my prayer to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, through the intercession of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, of all the Saints, Blessed, and Servants of God of the Vincentian Family, for those who are struggling before this disease and for those who, victims of it, already have left for the Father’s House. In the same way, I want us to pray for all the people who are currently working in the field of health and hospitals, who need our full support and recognition today.

In one way or another, we all are being affected by this pandemic. As we, the members of the Executive Committee of the Vincentian Family, said in our communiqué of last 21 March, it is our responsibility as citizens, as Christians, and as Vincentians to abide by all the measures that the governments, the Episcopal conferences, and the health services are indicating.

In addition, we need to revitalize charity, which is inventive to infinity (cf. CCD XI, 131), so that we do not forget the poorest, whom we serve. Saint Vincent de Paul, the mystic of charity, also – in his time – had to face epidemics and plagues. We cannot forget his example. Therefore, we should be inspired to seek the best ways that allow us to remain at the side of those who are suffering from this scourge, but also of the most vulnerable and of the poor whom we already serve – always respecting the health measures and government regulations.

I encourage each priest to include this intention in the Eucharist. In this particular Lent that we are experiencing, I invite all the members of the different branches and all the members of the Vincentian Family in the broad sense of the term to offer, in their families and communities, their prayers so that we can fight this pandemic. It has surprised us all and urges us to live this liturgical season more intensely, while awaiting Easter which – as always and despite everything – we will celebrate with deep joy.

May the Vincentian Family be ever a light shining with the fire of hope and love in the midst of this crisis.

Let us trust in the Lord and abandon ourselves into His provident arms. Let us pray for each other!

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!

Prayer of the Vincentian Family in the face of the coronavirus pandemic:

Gracious God, protector of the defenseless,
look with compassion on your people
who are suffering from the dangers of this global pandemic.

Be compassionate toward us,
show us your infinite mercy
and guide the hands of those
who are attempting to overcome this situation!

Instill within us a spirit of generosity
so that we might know how to assist those who are weakest:
the elderly, the homeless and the impoverished …
those who bear the brunt of this crisis.
Let us approach these individuals
and assist them in these difficult times!

Protect the doctors and nurses
and all health-care professionals
who are on the frontlines of this pandemic!
Enlighten their minds
so that they might find a cure.

We ask all of this
through the intercession of Jesus Christ, your Son
Our Lord, the protector of those in need. Amen.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you!