Vincentians in Nigeria join the fight against homelessness

by | Mar 29, 2020 | News | 1 comment

The Vincentian Family in Nigeria has decided to focus their work on homelessness after their annual meeting in Lagos last month.

In the meeting, where six branches were present, the Vincentian Family decided to build at least one house for homeless people this year and to advocate for the homeless in a country of almost 200 million people.

During the preparation of the meeting the Family identified unemployment, illiteracy and oppressive landlords and traditions as some of the root causes of homelessness in the country.

The collaborative work of FHA volunteer ambassador in Nigeria, Christiana Oronsaye (AIC), was crucial to make homelessness a priority of the work of the Vincentian Family in Nigeria.

We hope to soon see the different branches together in a 13 Houses Campaign project!

Source: Vincentian Family Homeless Alliance News

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  1. Olivia Sherlock DC

    Sisterly greetings. May the project of the Vincentian Family in Nigeria be blessed and your advocacy bear much fruit. Olivia Sherlock DC