The Congregation of the Mission Sends Thirty Members to the Mission “Ad Gentes”

by | Nov 2, 2019 | Congregation of the Mission, News

In response to the missionary call of Pope Francis, the Congregation of the Mission has encouraged the participation of its members in the various international missions and has set a goal of having 1% of its members in missions ad gentes.

Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, CM (Superior General of the Congregation), together with other confreres and Daughters of Charity, recently met with Pope Francis to inform him about the good news:

The Superior General of the Congregation presented a scroll to Pope Francis and informed him that thirty confreres, in response to their vocation and the missionary call of 2019, will begin ministry in missions ad gentes.

Let us pray for those confreres and for all those who are still discerning their participation in these missions.

Charles T. Plock, CM
Eastern Province, USA