VMY Bulletin, February 2019

by | Mar 30, 2019 | News, Vincentian Marian Youth

Vincentian Marian Youth is sharing its lastest published international bulletin (February 2019):

As members of a Marian Association and fully aware of the fact that Mary is the perfect servant of the Lord, we want to imitate Mary’s commitment and openness. Like Mary, we want to be filled with grace and thus, receive from her hands the many graces that she offers her children.

Let it be done in us is a call that is extended to every member of the VMY to live in accord with God’s will. We use the plural form because this living in accord with God’s will is done together with other people who are part of our “community”. At the same time, this call is also personal and must grow and mature in accepting hearts that are willing to accept the will of God. If we are acting in a correct manner and thus imitating Mary, then these various “let it be done in me” become one great, “let it be done in us”.

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