Hope for Venezuela’s Refugees | 13 Houses Campaign

by | Mar 16, 2019 | News

Peru has almost 1.8 million people in need of a home. Fr Cruz, a CM in the northwestern Chiclayo diocese, tells us structural economic causes combine with discrimination, climate change and personal circumstances to make people homeless.

And a new pressure is making the situation worse. 3.4 million people have fled Venezuela’s ongoing crisis to neighbours across Latin America. In Fr Cruz’s Lambayeque region alone, some 10,000 have made their way through Colombia and across Peru seeking help.

The local Vincentian Family witnesses this suffering and, in the spirit of Vincent himself, asks: ‘What must be done?’ Through the Vincentian “Colors of Hope” Association comprising 5 branches of the Vincentian Family, Fr Cruz and his colleagues are already providing for the poor. They run housing for homeless youth and social enterprises offering employment to some of these young people and Venezuelan refugees.

But Fr Cruz tells us they want to do more. He references Pope Francis’ ‘3 Ts’: Tierra, Trabajo e Techo (Land, Labour and Lodging). He wants to provide the third: a home. The Vincentian Family’s Systemic Change Commission has highlighted how a home is central to an individual’s stability and flourishing.

In Peru, The “Colors of Hope” Association have received land donated by the regional government. They have already installed sanitation infrastructure on the plot and appointed a management committee to oversee the project. They also have local architects and lawyers helping them. They hope to build housing for 20 homeless families.

Our brothers and sisters in Peru are hoping other members of the worldwide Vincentian Family are interested in supporting their project through the 13 Houses Campaign. Fr Cruz says: ‘May God allow the Vincentian Family to be an instrument of His love and to continue painting the world of the poor with colors of Hope’.

If you are interested in finding out more about this project or supporting the Solidarity Fund, please contact homeless@famvin.org.

See more about the Campaign on our website.

Download the bulletin in pdf format.

Source: https://vfhomelessalliance.org/