Meeting of the Vincentian Family in Guatemala

by | Nov 12, 2018 | News, Vincentian Family

Guatemala, as in previous years, has celebrated at the national level the feast of our Patron Saint, Vincent de Paul. Approximately 110 people participated in this meeting, in the Primary Room of the Central House of the Daughters of Charity.

The branches present were: the Congregation of the Mission, the Daughters of Charity, AIC, SSVP, AMM, JVM, Friends of Sister Cecilia Charrín Foundation and Former Central House.

The event was developed as follows:

1. Registration and welcome. Registration in charge of the Daughters of Charity seminar.

2. Welcome by the Provincial Visitors. The Visitatrix of the Daughters of Charity encouraged us to continue the work in a disinterested way and with total dedication.

3. Prayer.

4. Notion of Systemic Change. Brother Stuardo encouraged the whole Family to see with different eyes the work that is done, to question ourselves about the service we are giving, motivating us mainly to know more about what is contained in Systemic Change, which is initiated by a change of mentality. The participation was very good and the interaction that occurred in the subject encouraged and left the seed and interest in continuing to know the subject. It was announced the commission that was formed as a result of the workshop-seminar on Systemic Change and the work that is currently being done along with two other organizations, for the benefit of the victims of the volcano of fire.

5. Recess. We shared a “tamalito,” coffee and bread.

6. Election of the new president. It was mentioned to the assembly that, previously, the request for candidates for president of the council was sent, and to which only SSVP had proposed and the National Council also proposed the same person, Erwin Hernández. The branch presidents gave the opinion that it would be good to consult them beforehand, to which all answered yes. Then a review of the work that the Vincentian Family has had in Guatemala, exposed by Cristóbal García, was presented. In it he explained how the Vincentian Family began, the pioneers, the first works, their organization and the international activities they have organized to date. The work has been arduous and of all those who form a Vincentian family, likewise all branches were encouraged to continue working. All the branches present in Guatemala were presented, eight in total.

Within the framework of the celebration, a raffle was made to raise funds and send it to the organizing committee of the International Meeting of the Vincentian Family Youth, PANAMA 2018.

7. Closing Eucharist. Presiding the Eucharist was Monsignor Rios. During the celebration the blessing was given to the new president of FAMVIN Guatemala.


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