Actor Martin Sheen Invites us to the Film Festival “Finding Vince 400”

by | Aug 25, 2018 | News

The famous actor Martin Sheen, known for a large number of films, among which are “Apocalypse Now” (1979), “Gandhi” (1982), “Wall Street” (1987), “JFK” (1991), among many others, invites us in this video to participate in the film festival “Finding Vince 400,” which will take place in Castelgandolfo from October 18 to 21:



Hello, I am Martin Sheen.
From the start of his papacy,
Pope Francis has appealed to all of us to become more involved in service to the poor,
and, as the gospel of St. Matthew reminds us,
“whatsoever you did to the least of mine, you did it to me.” (Mt 25:40)
To that end, I am delighted to announce an extraordinary event this fall,
that will challenge our ideas about poverty and inspire us to act:
the Finding Vince 400 Film Festival.
The title honors St. Vincent de Paul,
who begun his mission of service to the poor 400 years ago.
Since film is universal language,
it is the aim of the festival to reharness the power of cinema
to globalize charity
and readdress poverty the way St. Vincent de Paul did four centuries ago.
In that spirit, Castel Gandolfo the papal retreat outside Rome,
and its environment,
is the venue for Finding Vince 400,
from October 18 to October 21, 2018.
The Festival will showcase artists from around the world
with full length and short subject films,
as well as theatre, dance, music, poetry and sculpture.
This four-day international festival
will spot the imagination and inspire new creativity
towards understanding poverty
and serving the poor in more deeply personal way.
Finding Vince 400: come to inspire and be inspired.
For more information go to
Thank you.


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