Video: Systemic Change in the CM Curia – Mediterranea – Project for Refugees

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Congregation of the Mission, News

We asked the young people of the Mediterranea project to tell us what does it mean to be a refugee, to be welcomed in a foreign country and about their work in the Curia.

It is not important who welcomes you, but that you feel welcomed. Because charity “does not boast, does not swell,” “but welcomes the truth”!

Mediterranea was born at the beginning of 2018 thanks to synergy between The Congregation of the Mission, groups of Vincentian Volunteers of Lazio Region, “Tre Fontane,” a social cooperative (entity managing some centers of SPRAR – Protection System for Asylum Seeking and Refugees) and “Linaria,” an NGO which over time got  various experiences in urban space and on integration).

The main object of Mediterranea is to improve professional skills of the group of twelve SPRAR beneficiaries based generally in Rome, who aim to sustain integration with labor and social structures of the capital. This systemic change project is in line with the policy of the Vincentian Family in the last decade and the guidelines of the recently lived Symposium.

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