New Video Invitation to “Finding Vince 400”

by | May 27, 2018 | News

Sheree J. Wilson, famous Hollywood actress, producer and model, known worldwide for her participation in television series such as “Dallas” or “Walker, Texas Ranger,” invites us in this new video to join the contest and festival of the Vincentian Family “Finding Vince 400” (more information on

Sheree tells us:

“I’m an artist. We are artists. Storytellers. Filmmakers. Nothing changes the world quite like the power of our films. I have a concern. Over half of us in our world live on two dollars and fifty cents a day. That is poverty. And what does it mean that over a billion people live on a dollar and a quarter a day? That’s extreme poverty. It means that twenty two thousand children die from poverty every day. I’m told that the achievement of an agreed upon global target against poverty will still leave us with twenty seven million dirt poor. Storytellers, filmmakers, I need your help, they need your help. Finding Vince 400. Please join us.”.


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