Collaboration of VMY Bosnia and Herzegovina with the Majlis of the Islamic Community in Livno

by | May 8, 2018 | News

Religious and national affiliation should not be an obstacle in helping the needy. Consequently, cooperation between the Marian Vincentian Youth with the association of the Majlis of the Islamic Community of Livno continued.

It all started last year when the traditional “Tolerance Basketball” tournament was held. In different jerseys, but with the same goal, the sisters, muallime and members of the Marian Vincentian Youth, with the members of the association of ‘Kap ljubavi’, all together, selling cakes and pancakes, collected the money for our sick member of community Ana Budić. And how could that match finish? –Only with victory for both sides!

The next cooperation was a joint action to purchase a washing machine for a family in need. After that action, two women who were the most commendable in this collaboration, Sister Blanka and Muallima Šejla have become the main topic on many Internet portals and social networks by sending a positive image of communion, mutual respect, friendship and love.

There were a few more joint actions that followed , and there are many more planned for the future.

View a message of love, solidarity and hope:

By doing well, we can do much more!