Annual Letter – VMY International President

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Formation, Reflections, Vincentian Marian Youth

Dearest friends of the VMY,

“Here I am!”

Receive a warm greeting from the members of the International Team of the Vincentian Marian Youth!

During the past year, the VMY has joined the call of the International Vincentian Family in the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the Vincentian Charism. It was a great celebration and as members of this great family, we were able to go back to our roots, rediscovering what drives us to serve the most needy. It was a year in which we affirmed that we give life to the Vincentian Charism. However, we know that the desire to make this charism that Saint Vincent de Paul has entrusted to us, cannot fit and will not fit into a motto or a phrase. It is a job that we strive to do better every day.

For this year 2018, the International VMY invites its members to reflect on the meaning of being a VMY, our essence, who we must be and our being in this Association created with the aim of serving Jesus Christ. For this it is necessary that we should always be available and with all the disposition saying: Here I am!

“Here I am!” is a response of disposition to the service that we have learned from our Mother Mary who did not hesitate to dedicate Herself to the service rooted from humility. The interventions of Mary, our Mother throughout the Gospel show us a joyful dedication to the service of God and to our brothers.

Last February, the International Council was reflecting on the events our Association will have for the coming years. We have grown throughout our history, but we know that we are part of a large family in which each member says loudly, “Here I am!”, showing where you are and demonstrating your willingness to be found by anyone who needs you.

Along with this letter, you will find the 2018 Work Plan proposed by the International Council to develop activities at the local, national and international level for everyone to have an active part in the Association. Among them we highlight the following: 1) Collaboration with the International VMY. In this, we invite the National Councils and each and every member to collaborate economically for the mission of our Association. 2) Revision of the International Statutes. As a mission entrusted in the GA2015, we will initiate the process that seeks to know the aspects of the International Statutes that shall be modified which will be done through a questionnaire sent to the different countries by the International Secretariat. 3) “Here I am!” To reflect how our Mother Mary lived her dedication and service, let us assume it as a model in our lives as young Marians and Vincentians. I invite you to observe and study this work proposal to carry it out at different levels.

VMY! It is time to keep your GPS active and show where you are to the world to put yourself available and in service to those who need you. Continue your journey with Jesus and Mary so that others may encounter you. VMY, Here I am!

To Jesus with Mary,

Yancarlos de Jesús Carrasco de los Santos
VMY International President